The Adventures of Dude Remy

The Adventures of Dude Remy With Turquoise Charlie Softcover Book 6 – The Reunion

Softcover copy of The Adventures of Dude Remy With Turquoise Charlie Book Six – The Reunion

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Abandoned and alone, Dude Remy finds himself in a barn at the family’s farm. At his saddest moment, an unlikely occurrence occurs: a new friendship is struck. Dude Remy and his new pal, Turquoise Charlie, experience rural living at its finest. Hauling heavy and dirty loads, Dude Remy is finally living the life he was built for. Leaving suburbia and its activities behind, Dude Remy can’t help but miss the family he has grown to love. On a surprise visit, he is reunited with them, only to explore more country fun. Like the old days, but better because he has a friend of his own. Which lifestyle does he like better? Come along and see for yourself as Dude Remy and Turquoise Charlie explore all their new adventures together.


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