The Adventures of Dude Remy

The Adventures of Dude Remy Softcover Book 4 – The Journey

Softcover copy of The Adventures of Dude Remy Book Four – The Journey

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I’m Dude Remy, a shiny, rugged pickup truck manufactured to hit the tough road with ease. My life takes an unexpected turn, when a young family buys me, and I am stuck in suburbia. Instead of hauling construction materials and hanging out on job sites, I am stuck in a high school parking lot. The only pickup truck in a sea of sedans, I do not fit in. It’s not only the cars that glare at me, the students stare and point too. Come along and experience my ups and downs, insecurities and triumphs as I ride along with 3 different teenagers. Slowly, I am becoming a member of this family and forming a unique bond with each kid. I realize as each one leaves for college my fate hangs in the balance. The mom and I have a special bond too. I am trusted to keep each child safe as I tag along with them to all their activities. This is our parallel journey as we are both left empty and alone only to forge new lives for ourselves. Buckle your seat belts and enjoy The Adventures of Dude Remy, my life story.


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